TIGRLab Pipelines: Utterly Reproducible Research (TIGR-PURR)

Welcome to the documentation page for TIGR-PURR. This is where you’ll find information about how to run the lab’s supported pipelines yourself as well as the various configuration options available to you.

TIGR-PURR is a pipeline system based off a combination of Nextflow and Boutiques which allow us to seamlessly run a variety of BIDS Applications based distributed pipelines easily with only a little bit of configuration work. The system will allow you to run full BIDS-app pipelines on:

  • The local Kimel-Lab Cluster
  • CAMH’s SCC Cluster
  • Scinet’s Niagara Cluster
  • Your local computer

To learn about how you can run BIDS pipelines on any BIDS dataset go to Getting started

To go through a quick example that you can run yourself, check out the quickstart tutorials.